The Earthquake Office Game

Since there are now at least 4-5 decent earthquakes a day in Christchurch at the moment (and I have to say a few people are not coping to well with this) here’s the new office game we can all play.  It helps reduce stress and make each quake a mini game.  Yes, kids can play too.


When there is an earth quake, you must in 30 seconds estimate:

  • The magnitude on the richter scale (e.g. “that was a 4.2″)
  • The depth (e.g. “that was was 8km deep”)
  • The location (e.g “Ummmm .. 30km North West of Christchurch”)

Then .. check your answers on (normally updates with 10-15 minutes).  To be sure, accurately mark the time of the quake when it happens, in case there is a couple close to one another.

How to Score

Magnitude: Spot on = 5 points, take one point off for every 0.1 out (so 0.3 out means 5-3=2 points.  Anything 0.5 out or more gets zero)

Depth: Spot on = 5 points.  Take one point off for every km out (so out by 4km means 5-4 = 1 point.  Anything more than 5km out gets zero).

Location: Spot on = 5 points.  Take one point off for every 3 km out distance wise.  This one is slightly trickier since people will report things from different locations (eg “10km North West of Christchurch” or “30km North of Darfield’ might be the same place).  So to be fair best everyone agrees on a reference point (like Christchurch), since GeoNet will report relative to there if you click on the link next to “Details” of the quake’s location.  Remember “10km east” is actually 15 km away from “5km west”.   To keep it simple if its’ 10km NorthWest you could be strict and draw it on a map, or just agree between everyone in the office how you count these.

PS: -10 points if you false call an earthquake (e.g. a truck goes past).

Black and White Version: Office Earthquake – a game we can all play!

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