I have now been using an iPad for over four months now.  My initial iPad review can be found here, but here’s a summary of my thoughts four months on (the back and white, cut to the chase, version)

This post if a follow on from my Black and White take on iPhone 4 and iPad in NZ.

So anyway .. on to the post:

Question / topic My comment
Still like it? Yep!
Use it more or less than when you first got it? More, HEAPS more.
What do you use it for (mainly)

Email (replaces iPhone for me 99% of the time now), web, and the odd game to kill time (which I have to say is awesome – and I am not a gamer).

Oh, and apps, heaps of apps.  Everything from checking google maps, to search to remote control of my mac-mini at home.

PS: I don’t actually use it for music.

Is it a laptop replacement?

For trips of 2-3 days, yes.

I wouldn’t want to write a novel on it, but for emails, web etc it’s far better (for me) than a laptop.

I now take it instead of a laptop for most of my trips (up to a week) around NZ, and often when I travel away for a weekend and want email communication.

Battery life ROCKS!  I get several days of solid use out of it.  Its rated to 9-10 hours of actual use on the web, which lasts me a couple of days of actual use.
iPad or iPhone 4? If I had an iPhone 3G or 3Gs, and had the option of an iPad OR an iPhone 4, I would get an iPad for sure.  But that’s ME, and MY use.
Is it a phone replacement? No, and it never has been marketed as one.  It’s a portable computer (of sorts).  But yes, with Skype you CAN actually use it like a phone (just as you can with any computer with a mic and speaker).
Carrier to use In case you missed my ongoing commentary on this – use XT (prepay $29.95 is probably the best plan for most users)
Whats lacking

The more I use it the more lack of multi-tasking is annoying.  Thank god it’s coming with iOS 4.2!

Only other issue I have is how to hold/rest it when using it.  It’s too big to hold in one hand, and I dont have a stand yet.  Will sort this over time I am sure.

Lack of support for flash has been an issue on one or two occasions (like booking a flight), but normally not so.

Unexpected benefit/feature

The whole instant on is so cool.  You expect this from a cell phone (coz it is already on when you go to use it I guess), but not a laptop/portable device.   With the iPad it means I can be checking an email, replying and done in 30 seconds.  Sure I had this with my MacBook Air, but I didn’t/couldn’t carry that with me as much.

Also, apps from the iPhone open up a whole new world on the iPad.  If I have both on me, I use the iPad for 99% of apps now, coz the screen space makes them so much more appealing to use, especially the ones that have been optimised for the iPad and actual use the new screen to its full potential.

I read with interest yet another review that an iPad skeptic was converted, and have to say my experience has been anyone I show it to who initial says oh, but why on earth would you have one? loves it within 10 minutes (even the people who I think but would would YOU have one?).  As I have said many times now, with the iPad, iPhone or any gadget, if you have a need and want one, and can afford it and think the price is good value, by all means buy it.  If not, don’t.

I happen to travel lots, often away for a few days at a time.  For me the iPad is ideal – big enough that I can write a proper reply to an email, but small enough to be the only thing I carry on the plane with me (my laptop comes with a bag of stuff I take with it).

Black and White Version: Three months on, and iPad is used more now than I did to start with, and a very useful portable tool.

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