By now everyone knows about the recent Christchurch earthquakes. Well OK, not everyone.  For the Americans reading this: New Zealand (which is NOT part of Australia – think down a bit and a tad to the right) had a major earthquake (7.1) hit our 2nd biggest city.  No one died, but a fair bit of damage, especially to our older buildings in the CBD.

Anyway, I want to jump the gun on a media story, before it happens.  You see I am just waiting in dread for the oh woe is me story about how some person who didn’t have insurance has now lost everything.  Here’s how it will go:

  • Picture of mum and kid looking very unhappy with some broken stuff of some kind
  • Something about some special need for the kid, or a special toy or something
  • Details of how someone cried when they found it was broken
  • Some add on  about not being able to afford insurance

It MIGHT be worse, in that maybe the item wasn’t broken by the earthquake, but stolen by bad people after the earthquake.

So .. yeah, that’s the story.  You read it here first, yep before it was even reported. And here is my response, and it’s the same response to all those stories about uninsured stolen Christmas presents:

  • If you can’t afford insurance, then you can’t afford the item.  Buy a cheaper version of the same thing, or buy less things, or just don’t buy it.  Easy.
  • If you can afford insurance and CHOOSE not to buy it, then you make a choice.  Most of us PAY insurance, and never get anything back for it (except the peace of mind), but continue to do so each year because we know if we do need it we can claim.
  • If we all chipped in to help people out like this we are saying, actually DON’T insure yourself, we will give you the best of both worlds.  Keep the money from insurance AND if it breaks/gets stolen we will pay for a replacement anyway.  BAD message to send.  I would much rather give some a donation to help them pay for their insurance premium than gift them money to pay for broken/stolen uninsured items.

I was going to add in something to balance this off like how it’s sad when things get broken or stolen, especially kids stuff.  So take that as read if that makes you feel better.  But hey, it happens eh, it’s life, and it happens to ALL of us at some time.  This post isn’t about that side of things, its about the question of insurance – and who should ultimately be responsible for uninsured items.  I say the person that chose not to insure it is responsible.

Black and White Version: Insurance is a choice.  If you choose not to insure you take the consequences. (Sheez I am blunt sometimes!)

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