I was asked recently when I came back from a Sydney trip by one of the nice immigration NZ staff “So why did you go to Sydney”.  My reply was easy “Because it was $14″.  She smiled, stamped my passport and wrote a big “T” on my customs/immigration form.  I think “T” was the It’s OK this one inst too dodgy or whatever code they were using for the day, but I digress.  The real story is in the movie and the glass of wine.

Anyway, lots of people ask me how I get such cheap deal.  Easy, I look for em, and book em when I see them.  This one was told to me by a friend, so I booked it that day, and then later that night I was out with a mate (Cameron) who asked the same question, so I showed him on my iPad at the time there were still more left, on other weekends, so I booked one with him too (yep @ $14 each way I will go a few times!).

Anyway .. so for $14 it was seat only (no luggage, no food, no movie) but a nice seat, entertainment (TV, games etc) and all the tea, coffee and water I could drink.  On check in they put me in 1B – which on an AirNZ Airbus is still an old business class (BC) seat.  Since there is no business class anymore you just get a nicer seat.  Anyway, I figured that movies might just be on for all BC seats, and sure enuf it was, so I watched the A-Team (good crappy Hollywood action movie).  I also got a nice glass of vino thanks to my smile (yep it works sometimes), and so for $14 I watched a movie, got a glass of vino, and someone flew me to Sydney.

My overall review of AirNZ’s new service on the trans tasman is a solid Good, but its not quite polished yet, since I find lots of crew are a tad confused with what the whole thing means.  I saw one cabin crew gives drinks to 5 rows before he realised it was only supposed to be for those with the Works or Works+, but hey it happens.  Overall AirNZ rocks, it does lots of cool innovative things, but like so many things, things do take time, so I will re-review this in a few months.

Black and White Version: You can still get a movie and a glass of wine for under $15 in NZ.  Oh, and they might even fly you to Sydney for free while you are at it :-)

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