Today I had a nice new copy of the Yellow Pages and White Pages delivered to my home.  So I picked them up, and put then straight in the recycle bin outside.  I did peak inside the white pages (coz it was smaller than last year) but that’s all.  They have no use to me anymore.   I wonder how many people even use the physical version anymore?

I think the online service is still relevant (although diminishing with every year), I use Google 10x more than I would ever use Yellow Pages for online searching to get “stuff”.

I remember a few years back when Telecom sold off Telecom Directories for a few billion $ and thought at the time good call, since the long term future of Yellow Pages (and physical directories in general) was dead.  Yellow Pages online presence competes in the same sandpit as Google, and I know who’s gonna win that one!

Anyway, interesting how times change.  Only 10 years ago any business not in the Yellow Pages that sold stuff to the public would have been thought of as crazy.  Now it’s more like why would you?.  I think the modern equivalent is being online – you HAVE to be there (I know if I cant find info online I would rarely buy from a company these days).

As an aside, one might ask WHY they still produce the books if no one uses them.  Why not OFFER the book and see who takes it up? Well the answer is easy: Advertising.  If Yellow Pages did that they couldn’t claim x million copies in circulation.  What a waste of trees.

Black and White Version: Yellow Pages physical directory is dead in NZ.  I wonder how long before the online version is?

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