I got a very nice email from  Ahmad who has done some cool (and independent) iPhone 4 testing in Dunedin.

Ahmad goes to some lengths to point out hes NOT associated with any telco – and just wants to share info (like me hes just doing this out of interest).  Thanks Ahmad, and here is the video:

Full test results for iPhone 4 XT vs Vodafone here.

Update: Here is the disclaimer info from Ahmad’s page, which I think is important to re-post here.  Coz I just say “Wow .. XT rocks” which is not quite how he says it!

  • This is NOT a test of which network is “best” or “fastest” out of Telecom XT and Vodafone 3G.
  • This is an iPhone specific test, and should only be taken as such. It is a comparison of speeds using the  iPhone 4 device, on Wednesday 4 August 2010 in Dunedin.
  • The test results should not be extrapolated beyond the scope of the test. However the results should be of interest to iPhone users in Dunedin, and to iPhone users generally. Your milage may vary if you use a different handset/device, or if you live in another city/town.
  • I am not a telecommunications expert. I am simply an iPhone user with an interest in testing the claims of Telecom XT being “faster in more places”. I repeat – this is a hobby. I welcome any feedback about these results and will endeavour to correct any errors which have been made if they are pointed out to me.

Black and White: More evidence that XT rocks on the iPhone (although like anything, it can vary).

Hat tip: Ahmad.  Thanks!

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