Everyone with an iPhone (probably) knows that you add in Emojis (smiley face icons etc) to the iPhone for 99c via various apps.

Almost a year ago I did a post about how to get emojis for free on the iPhone. Now that I have my new iPhone 4 to play with, I went to follow my own instructions on how to do this for the iPhone but found that the app required for step one has gone AWOL.

So a quick Google search and I found that there is now a MUCH easier way, and best of all it’s FREE!

Just go to the app store – search for Emoji Free (if there is more than one, choose the one with 4 images, one being a monkey in the icon).  Install it, run it, and follow the instructions on screen.  Easy peasy.

Black and White Version: Installing Emoji icons for free on the iPhone just got easier.

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