I was browsing, stumbling around and otherwise looking around the web today and came across a whole bunch of cool (aka funny) videos on iPhones, Mac, Apple etc, so thought i would share them here:

The Unofficial iPhone 4 Launch Video

Warning: Contains sexual references :-)

The iPhone 4 Apology Video (including the black guy)

There there are the I’m on Boat Parodys

In case you missed I’m on a Boat – watch this first, if not, skip to the next one.  Warning: Harsh language.

Then watch this ..

While on the topic of cool, check out this novel, retro stand for an iPhone/iPad (and cheap 2, only $US 5.99).  Click on the image for more details.

Black and White Version: Some people have too much time on their hands, glad they do, they come up with funny shit :-)

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