Anyone that hasn’t picked up the theme of this blog being black and white must be living under a rock or something.  But anyway, I realise that at times my posts are far from black and white, so here is my attempt to make up for it with a black and white, good and bad, hero vs villain wrap up of the world.  I will resit adding any footnotes to explain anything I say here, if ya wanna know more – Google it :-)   Here goes, in no particular order or grouping:

Richard’s Black and White commentary on the world’s (sometimes not so big) issues:

Stuff people say (which isn’t true)

The real deal…

Fat is bad for you Sugar is bad for you
Alcohol makes you fat All the crap food you eat at 3am when you are drunk makes you fat
Margarine is better for you that butter Butter is better for you that margarine
Focus on calories Focus on eating well (i.e nutrition)
People love Apple (macs) coz they look pretty People love Apple (macs) coz they work well (Oh, and they look pretty too!).
For good signal quality, buy expensive digital cables Digital either works or it doesn’t. There is no such thing as “quality digital”.  Cheap digital that works is just fine.
Right wing (politically) greedy capitalists are bad Right wing (politically) conservative greedy capitalists are bad
Greenies are out of touch and wrong Left wing Greenies are out of touch and wrong
You have to do {insert exercise of your choice} to lose weight You have to do SOME exercise to lose weight – and more often, and at a higher intensity
Eating {insert food} helps me gain muscle Protein PLUS resistance training helps grow muscle
The rich get all the tax cuts in NZ The rich pay most of the taxes in NZ
Any extreme religious group is bad Any extreme religious group that expects anyone else to follow their way of life is bad
Global warming is a major issue for the planet Global warming is a major issue for HUMANS, the planet will survive just fine without us.
CEOs/Politicians with big credit card bills are bad Personal expenses paid for by an employer, no matter what payment method, is bad.
On global scale, screwing the environment is the major issue for the future On a global scale, over consumption is the major issue for humans for the future.   The environment is just where we see its effects most.
Justin Bieber is gay Justin should be held under water till he stops struggling, but he’s not gay.
One should never joke about {insert politically incorrect thing} Humour, used appropriately, is a powerful way of getting a message across, especially for sensitive subjects
Right and left wing political supporters want different things Right and left wing political supporters want quite SIMILAR things, but disagree on how to achieve it
Jetstar in NZ is crap Oh wait, that was is true, JetStar is crap.

Black and White Version: Some stuff just have to be said, some stuff not.  But I just say it anyway :-)

Disclaimer: Most of this is serious advice.  There is one joke in it – and its either the JetStar or the Justin Bieber one – you can guess which I think is a joke :-)

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