Yep – 69.  Well 69th.  Not bad for a new boy, even if I do say so myself.

Back in May I picked up I was the 287th highest red blog in NZ. Unfortunately that list is no longer running, but there is a all NEW list that shows sites that have public site stats only, so more robust and reliable.

Anyway, last month (July) I managed a respectable 69th from this cool list at openparachute.

Actually my actual  result is well above 69th, since I only added the public meter in the last week of July, so I am aiming for a “sub 30″ in August.   Let’s see how I go.

(You can track the last 7 days here – at it shows me as 28th as of today).

Black and White Version: See, 69 isn’t always rude :-)

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