Today Vodafone New Zealand made a PR release about data plans for the iPad in New Zeland.

Click on image for larger version

Click on image for larger version

This has come under universal attack as a complete waste of time (or here from iPhonewzealand), and quite rightly.  I will save the trouble reading it it says nothing other than “data plans for iPad are coming“.  DUH, like we knew that, that’s what you were SUPPOSED to announce.  Worse, last Friday via Twitter Vodafone specifically said they were making “an announcement’ about iPad data plans on Monday (i.e. today).

*sigh*.  Here’s a wee tip for the marketing team at Vodafone: If you spent half the time you do on making non news stories up on actually making competitive plans (like they have in Australia, and even Vodafone Australia does – like the image on the right) then you would have far more customers (and happy ones too!).

So the gauntlet is laid down Vodafone, come up with some decent data plans or else face my wrath (which I have to admit, as far as wrath goes isn’t that bad – nothing like this guys!)

Black and White Version: PR releases should be for when there is an actual announcement (Apple rock at that – they really creative hype around theirs!)

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