In the last two days, two good friends (I have to call them that since they helped me) pointed out (quite politely I might add) rather obvious typos on this site.

Now I have typos ALL the time, I spot them almost daily, on posts I just did, and ones I made months ago, and normally just correct them (I note them as an update if it changes the message, but generally this isn’t needed). Anyway .. these two are kinda biggies – one I made every time I posted, and one was in the web page header!

One was that I said Bloging not Blogging a lot – in fact every time I did a status update on FaceBook1 to say there was a new post Richard’s been blogging again had a missing G (Thanks Robin!)

The other was that I mis-spelt simplifying (I had it as simplifing) in the header of this page: Richard Beddie’s take on simplifying the world we live in (Thanks Rob!) Oh, and Rob also pointed out I didn’t need a full stop at the end of that line since it wasn’t a sentence.  I didn’t quite understand that, but I followed his advice anyway, coz I am a good boy like that.

Note 1: For those that read this blog and are not coming from my FaceBook page, I have a wee FaceBook plug in that auto-posts a status update as well as a wall post with a summary of any new blog posts (via a cool wee WordPress plug-in WordBooker).  It also does the same thing with Twitter, so anyone can follow me on Twitter and get updates when I post (or an RSS feed if you wanna do it that way).

Black and White Version: Most typos are itty-bitty ones.  I made some biggies.  Thanks to my anally retentive friends, (said with love of course!) they are now fixed.

PS: I was EXTRA careful to have no typos in this post, as that would just be ironic now wouldn’t it? (or maybe it would just be par for the course!) :-)

PPS (update): My mate Charlie (and I use the “mate” term more loosely here) tells me the line above has a typo in it.  He claims the question mark should be at the end of the sentence since the or maybe … bit is all part of the same sentence.  I disagree, so left it where it is.  Besides, it’s not a typo, it’s a grammatical error, that’s an entirely different thing. Hell, if I had to fix all of those I would be here all day.  I am calling it BLOGGERS LICENSE (note two Gs Robin).  The End.  (Now I better not have stuffed up this line!)

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