Anyone looking into getting an iPhone 4 will hopefully know you need a micro sim for it.  The same applies for the 3G iPad, and for that matter many other high end phones/mobile devices coming out in 2010/11.

Just in case you didn’t know – a micro sim is smaller than a normal sim (called a mini sim).  The good news is you can make one by cutting bits of the edge of your existing mini sim (as I explain in my earlier post) AND for Kiwis, both Vodafone and Telecom have announced they will have micro sims available for their networks soon.

HOWEVER, this needs some thinking about, and I have some advice: If you you are thinking about an iPad, iPhone or indeed any device that uses micro sims the issue is LESS about cutting up old sims or getting the new micro sim and MORE about how to convert it back to a full size mini sim in case you want to use it in some other (older) device.  Cutting stuff off is (relatively) easy.  Adding bits on less so.

So here’s how it works.  If you are going to have an iPhone 4 or iPad 3G then:

  1. Get yourself a micro sim (or make one as I explained here)
  2. Get yourself a micro sim to mini sim adapter (basically a piece of plastic that bulks out the micro sim back to full size).  Costs less than $5 if you buy a few of them.

Now you have the best of both worlds.  You can take use your sim in ANY device.

To get the micro sim to mini sim adapter you could order one from here (that’s where I got mine, I got the five pack, and they arrived in the post within a week) or in New Zealand buy one off trade me, (it shows $20 for one when I searched just now – a tad pricey!) or anyone could order a micro sim adapters from here.

In Australia (and I am sire other places) there some extra advantages.  Vodafone actually offer BETTER data plans for the iPad (the only device in OZ as of today that uses the micro sim) than they do for mobile phones ($14.95 for 1GB, compared to $19 for 500 MB on other devices).   You could take your micro sim from your iPad and put it in your normal phone or mobile data stick using the adapter and then access the lower rates.  Even without the lower rates, you can still swap between ANY device with it this way.  You can also share data amongst more than once device (useful in NZ if you have, for example, a 4GB data plan on an iPad, but also get to use it in a data stick).

Black and White Version: Converting a mini sim to micro sim is easy, but converting back required an adapter.  If you have an devices using the new smaller micro sim its a good idea to trim them all so you have flexibility with what sim you put where.

Acknowledgment: The image above is from gomircorsim’s web page (the people I ordered my adapters off).

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