I promised myself that I wouldn’t post on the iPhone, iPad or anything Apple related for a while.  Well OK, I didn’t PROMISE, I thought about it. Kinda like people think about giving up smoking, or walking the dog, and then the moment passes.

Anyway .. this one is just too big (and bad) to give up on.

Today Apple was SUPPOSED to launch the iPhone 4 in NZ. MAJOR FAIL.

Here’s a wee summary:

  • The one official iPhone carrier Vodafone (and note they have no exclusivity in NZ, they are just the only one) provided NO information prior to launch day.  Nothing, ZIP. 
  • On launch day, people have queued up outside retailers (we don’t have Apple shops, so this is people like MagnumMac and Vodafone) only to be told “go away, nothing to see here”
  • Vodafone are entirely quiet on their twitter account despite being inundated by questions.  They are staying ZIP (for now). 
  • XT (Telecom) the non official carrier, that most people actually prefer to run an iPhone on, have even chipped in – see the post on the right.  Glad to see someone has a scene of humour!
  • The Apple NZ web site for iPhone still has “notify me” not buy now as the option (see image on right) as of 1.30pm on launch day
  • Lots of rumours about why no stock – some blame Apple, some Vodafone who are controlling it all
  • 1pm UPDATE: Vodafone have NOW announced the iPhone 4 is on sale from 1pm (ie now), but only on contract.

My thoughts:


  • This is a mess for Vodafone NZ
  • However, this is NOT a Vodafone only issue.  They do NOT (IMHO) control stock in NZ.  They are the only authorised carrier, but it’s non exclusive.  Apple’s own web site says you can use it on any network you want
  • They have handled it VERY badly
  • You are pissing all the high end users off.  Just take a look at the online forums and iPhonenewzelanad to see that all the geek users (and I say that nicely) are all major XT fans already.  These geek users (my new term) influence others.  I know I do :-)


  • Gotta say, not impressed here either.  All that was needed was some basic info on your web site.  What was there was (and is) wrong.  Says avail from selected retailers – and all of them are saying “not us”.
  • Even Apple only released the price of ONE of the two iPhone 4 models prior to launch day.  As of today (launch day) we STILL don’t know the retail cost of the 32GB model.
  • What happened to your Premium Retailers?   MagnumMac should be your FIRST option to sell stuff, not Vodafone.  Vodafone are pissing off Apple customers.

Further rumours, and where to from here?

  • Apple will sell them form their web site from 7pm today UPDATE: It came online at 11pm, with a 3 week delay in delivery.
  • As much as people are saying this is bad (and it is), this won’t affect Apple sales ONE LITTLE BIT.  It just makes them look bad.  Very un-Apple like.
  • It WILL affect Vodafone.  It will further alienate them from the geek-users (see my comments above) and these people matter, even if they aren’t your customers
  • In the long term this will be a blip.  People will talk about it, but still buy the iPhone (or not buy the iPhone, but those people weren’t buying it anyway).

There is an EXCELLENT post on TUAW on the iPhone 4 launch fail in NZ.

Black and White Version: Major fail for Vodafone and Apple on iPhone Launch day in NZ, not that that will affect sales though.

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