This week a lot has happened in the iSpace (ie iPad, iPhone) and mobile broad band arena in New Zealand. Here’s the summary:

On the selling front:

The good news is there are two serious players in the mobile broadband/ iSpace (ie iPhone, iPad etc).  Not only have Telecom (XT) kept in the game by offering micro sims, but also their new data plans are at least in the right direction price wise (still expensive compared to most places, but getting there!).  With the new iPhone 4, and the iPad being able to fully take advantage of both XT and Vodafones 3G networks, it means we have choice.  Choice is good.

Black and White Version: Mobile broadband is still expensive in New Zealand.  At least we have two players and not one (and XT still kicks Vodafones ass IMHO).

Post to come: I intend to outline how to have ONLY a micro sim these days is the way to go, even if the device you have uses the older mini sims. (Update: The micro-sim post is here)

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