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The iPad release date for NZ has been announced – 23rd July 2010

This makes it one week before the iPhone 4 (being 31st July 2010).

It also makes it consistent with the “July” earlier commitment by Apple.


The Apple NZ web site has the iPad listed for “from $799″ (so that’s the 16GB Wi-Fi model price) and word on the street is pricing for the others is:









Price Comparisons

This stacks up OK on the international comparisons, since OZ (Australia) has the 16GB Wi-Fi model for $AU 629 = $NZ 770 (but around $785 if we make adjust GST to the same rate), so about the same.  In the UK the iPad 16GB WiFi is £429, so NZ$ 900+ (even when you factor in for the higher VAT).  So all round a good deal (mind you, UK prices are known to be higher than most).

This does however make some of the early sellers look like a rip off now – which I blogged about earlier (they sold the 64GB 3G for around $500 more than retail), and even the 16GB W-iFi model is $400 more – a  50% loading!)

Btw, here are  my predictions on the iPhone 4 pricing in NZ, you can see from my iPad predictions were right on (I predicted $1300-1400 for the 64GB 3G, and $1349 is right in the middle!).

iPad Review for New Zealand

Here is a full review of the iPad in New Zealand , I have had one for a month now, and it’s great.   Advice: in most cases get the 3G model, unless you are gonna be stuck at home/office most of the time (kinda a waste of something so portable!).

Black and White Version: iPad date confirmed for New Zealand, 23rd July 2010 (one week before the iPhone 4).  Pricing fair.

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