iPad Data Plans Comparision – XT, Vodafone and 2 degrees

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THIS POST HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED BY THIS ONE on iPAD data plans, as it factors in the new 2Degree plans, and also fixes an error in one table (Voda $20 should be 250MB not 500MB).

Recently I blogged about the various data plans for the iPad in NZ, and included a summary table with the costs, along with which were 3G etc.  I suggest you read this last post if you haven’t already, as this one is just about price.

Well I wanted to go one step further with the pricing side of things and show the various plans based on actual usage.

So here there are, two tables one showing lighter usage (up to 1GB) and one heavy usage (right up to 10GB).

My assumptions:

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iPad Data Plans in NZ, up to 1G

iPad Data Plans in NZ, up to 10G

The cross over points are quite interesting, with lots happening in the  250MB – 1000MB space.  Also I note that up to 1GB there is not a lot in it (the Voda 500MB does have the edge if you use just 500MB though).  Personally I like any of the XT plans since they do the 10c/meg to start with and then capped at the monthly rate you select, plus the $29.95 double up option.  Pity Vodafone doesn’t offer the double up for $10, like they do on their other data plans.

Update 28th July 2010: What’s interesting (and I thought was a mistake at first) is that from 750MB right through to 3GB, the 2GB XT plan is cheaper than the 4GB. This is because the 4GB keeps charging at the 10c/MB until it hits the monthly cap of $79.95, where as the 2GB hits its cap of $59.95 earlier and stays there till 2GB and only passes it again between 3 and 4GB.  So unless you are a REAL heavy user, on XT the 2GB plan is better.    At anything more than around 3.5GB the only viable plans are on XT, with everything else getting prohibitively expensive.

For anyone interested here is the raw data

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Black and White Version: XT is faster, and cheaper in MOST cases for the iPad in NZ {and just faster for the others :-) }

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