One of the nice features about AdSense by Google is that it allows certain ads to be blocked, either by type, or, in my case below, from a particular domain.

I have just blocked (I don’t want to link to them since that’s really an ad isn’t it?), because, well IMHO opinion it’s a scam site.  Advertising an iPad with an auction closing in 10 seconds for $2.50 may SEEM like an amazing deal, but to me it has all the hallmarks of a scam.  I just read some of their fine print, and it looks like you buy bids (@ 90c each), and then bid on what looks like super cheap stuff.  So they make their money from the BIDS not the sale, so, well yeah – SCAM (IMHO).   So yeah, I either just said some bad stuff about a legit site, or more likely, I just expressed my correct opinion about a scam site, and as a result blocked them from showing on any Google Ads on this blog.

I may not be able to vet each ad that comes from Google, but I will be sure to block the real bad ones that I spot!

PS: Looks like the changes take a few hours, so if you are reading this on Thur 29th July, ignore any ads offering iPads for $2 :-)

Black and White Version: Google AdSense allows for ad blocking – I just blocked my 1st one.  BYE BYE Scammers!

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