I have been meaning to write this post for a while.  In fact every-time I get some random message on FaceBook that says Hey .. did you know {insert random but slightly interesting or controversial supposed fact} click here to find out only to be lead to a FaceBook application that says something like click here to let me into everything you have.  The same applies when a FaceBook page claims to be able to tell you who’s been looking at your photos or status updates, or how to win an iPad or well .. anything that sounds a tad weird actually.

Now I am NOT stupid enough to click on any of this crap, but it appears many of my friends are (well at least my FACEBOOK friends – there is a difference I hope).  Anyway .. so yeah .. they click away and guess what?  The FaceBook app grabs control and sends out random messages, posts stuff to their wall, even private messages people.  Often this is related to the topic/app to further get people to click on it, but sometimes its just diverting people to some random web page for porn/scam/you name it.

Anyway .. so here it is, the simple, clear, get to the point message:

IF YOU SEE A LINK THAT SAYS “CLICK HERE for …. ” and then it asks for access to your FaceBook account in ANYWAY then don’t click yes.  EVER.  To view a page (a legit page) you don’t have to let FaceBook access ANYTHING, so it’s a scam for sure. This applies for inside info on famous people, win an iPad type stuff, and also click here to find out who is reading your FaceBook Page (hell even FaceBook doesn’t store that kinda data!)

The Fix

Feel free to refer people to this page if they happen to click one of these links and their page is sending out random crap, coz I have the fix:

  • On your FaceBook page, go to the Account menu (top left) and slect Privacy Settings
  • Near the bottom left you will see Apps and Websites.  Select the Edit your settings link just below it
  • Under Apps you use, click on the Remove link
  • This will give you a list of all apps that have access to your FaceBook account.    Normally these are listed in order of last used.
  • Delete any App that you don’t recognize.  It will likely be the last one installed/used (to delete, click on the small X’ next to edit settings for the app in question)
  • To be safe, change your FaceBook password
  • Learn how to use Google and check stuff before you click on ANYTHING.

Oh, and if your friends send out a message to you like Oh, oh, wow this is amazing, click here did you know Justin Bieber is Gay then just message them back with a Poor poor idiot friend, read this: and a link to this page.  And then hassle them for life for being so stupid.  Oh, and if you have been referred here by someone (other than me as a new post update), it means yep, you have been had, follow the steps above before all your friends know you are silly enuf to click on stuff like that.

Black and White Version: It appears some people are just a tad too curious (or is it stupid and lazy).  It just means we end up with spam via FaceBook *sigh*

PS: Justin Bieber isn’t gay.  :-)

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