Yep, Chris has done it this time.

For those that missed it, Chris Carter sent hand written letters to the media spreading the rumour that Phil Goff didnt have the support of the Labour caucus and wasn’t gonna win the election.  Labour are not happy and have even set their pit-bull Trevor onto him Carter’s own web page is rather quiet on the matter though, but he says he wanted to get caught (yeah right!).

My comments (the white and black abbreviated version):

  1. Epic fail by Chris
  2. Chris was right (Labour won’t win with Goff)
  3. Ironically he has helped secure Goff as leader now

I previously blogged about Chris and his whole Gay Victim thing that pissed me off (remember the credit card scandal?).  I guess that won’t be an issue anymore.  He’s gone now (well at the next election for sure).

For others view on this, check out Kiwiblog on Chris Carter, I like his list :-)

Black and White Version: Chris: Message was right, but major fail for delivery method, and even bigger backfire for objective (Goff is safe for sure now!).

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