Advertising (to Google or not to Google).

I've decided to test some Google Ads on this site.

I did this for a couple of reasons, but getting money wasn’t actually one of them.

I am of two minds whether advertising actually enhances the look of a blog or detracts from it.  I personally think a small amount CAN enhance it if done the right way.  I would be interested to hear what others think though, so share your thoughts!

For this blog, I have added a small ad on the right hand col, a banner ad in the footer, and an add every 5 comments (only shows if you are viewing the comments).  Too much?  Too little?

Based on my calculations I should only have to wait 429 years for my 1st $10 cheque from Google.  (Actually I have no idea how long it will take, it’s not amount the money, so I haven’t even worked it out).

I’m also contemplating having one or two non Google ads on the site, permanent ads for companies/products,  But I would CHOOSE those, so they are kinda “I like these .. ” as opposed to “Google says these are OK”.  I think most people get that ads are not endorsed by the site they are on, but maybe blogs are different.  Again comments most welcome!

I can say setting up a Google AdSense account was easy peasy (as most things with Google are).

As an aside, I remember I used to get excited when 10 people read my blog in one day.  And to reach that I had to have made a post (on non post days I often got no, or one hit).  Now I get 100/day even when I don’t post new stuff.  In fact the other day hit 400 on a day I didn’t post anything new.  Hopefully I will look back on these numbers in time like I do now at the “10 a day” thing and smile.  In the meantime I go Woowhooo! when I hit 100 in a day (I told you it would be a while till I got my $10!)

Black and White Version: Ads or no ads?

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