Voicemail on Telecom XT with iOS4

It’s been reported that an iPhone with the updated OS (iOS4) breaks the link to voicemail for Telecom XT customers.  I can confirm that’s the case.

This brings the known issues for iOS4 to:

  1. Voicemail for XT users
  2. Integrated car stereo links no longer working
  3. Reception issues (many say this will be able to fixed with a software patch)

The good news is that a fix is coming as explained on the iPhonewzealand site (basically Telecom needs to update its sim cards).

In the meantime XT users can simply set up a contact called Voicemail with the number 083210 and then set this up as a favourite for easy access.  Sure not quite as easy as pressing the Voicemail button, but almost.

Btw I also found this EXCELLENT resource on iOS4, which I highly recommend reading. The best summary on the web I have found.

Black and White Version: XT voicemail busted for now under iOS4, but easy fix for now and a permanent one coming.

Hat tip: Image from iphonewzealand

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