Was checking through the incoming links to this blog and spotted this one from NZ Blog Stats for May. Turns out the name says it all, and it’s a listing of blogs in NZ and their rankings via various measures (including Alexa, which seams to be one of the more robust measures out there).

Anyway .. 287th in May 2010 of NZ blogs.  I am actually surprised that it was even listed, let alone around 1/2 way in the list.  Guess one has to compare it with the fact that there are 576 listed, plus around 100 or so that look like they cant be calculated. So around 1/2 way, that will do for now I think.  Oh, and I get a wee mouse thingie next to the blog name, which I can only but guess means I talk about techie/geekie stuff (I couldn’t find it in the key anywhere).

I thought I would post this now so that in a year or so I can look back and compare.

KiwiBlog continues to top the list (one of my daily reads), with a lot of those in the top 10 very recognisable to anyone who reads NZ based blogs.

Black and White Version: This blog was the 287th NZ blog in May 2010.

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