Well lets be upfront here, this is a PRE-review of the new Apple iPhone since I don’t yet have one.  Anyone claiming a review in NZ is kinda misleading unless they have actually USED one.  After all part of what makes Apple products so great is their user interface and how they actually WORK and feel (not just look).

But here are some important observations for Kiwis (and I guess anyone else who’s interested):

  1. Despite what Apple says this is an evolution of the iPhone, not a revolution. It improves a whole bunch of things (camera, battery life, screen etc) but none of these fundamentally change the way you will use the device
  2. The only truly new thing (for the iPhone) is video calling, but remember that’s NOT new – its just new to Apple.  Mind you, Apple do have the tendency to be somewhat slow to adopt certain features at times, but when they do it they do it very well (think cut and paste!).  Plus video calling is not what its cracked up to be even when it works well (do you REALLY want to have people see you during most calls?).  Anyway time will tell here.
  3. What is important for Kiws is the new iPhone adds in support for 900Mhz on the 3G network side of things. This means Vodafone users will be able to fully take advantage of the full 3G network Vodafone offers in NZ (until now it was limited to the cities where they used 2100Mhz).  XT users will of course continue to get full 3G coverage (and likely still much faster too).  So in my view XT is still the network to use the iPhone on, but the gap between XT and Voda is closing.  The link above explains this well.
  4. The iPhone 4 offers full HD video recording.  However, the camera looks like it is still only good in good light (but better?).  The LED flash will help for people (ie faces) up close, but not much more.  The camera still doesn’t look like it will take photos in low to medium level light.  For some reason Wired seam to think the new camera rocks, and given that they have played with an iPhone and I haven’t I will accept they know more. But the concerning thing is they say the old iPhone took good pics in low light!  That’s just not true, the iPhone takes CRAP pictures in anything but excellent light, so I really don’t know about their review.  But apparently the new iPhone does have some high tech stuff added (not just more mega-pixels) as explained here, so I will wait in hope that it does make the camera more usable.
  5. It will be out in late July in NZ.  A reminder that like the iPad, the warrantee is country specific meaning if you buy one overseas it needs to be returned there for warantee issues.  Also remember that in the US ALL iPhones sold are locked to the AT&T network. If you REALLY want one early and you travel to OZ, you could probably get one their a few weeks before they arrive in NZ, and they will likely be unlocked there too (like they are in NZ).  But my advice is wait until they come here and buy one in NZ in late July.
  6. The new iPhone uses micro-sim cards like the iPad.  This is good if you have an iPad (you can swap sims back and fwd), but means any other sims (like from data-sticks) wont work.   There is however this handy micro-sim adapter. I have actually order a few so will let you know how well they work.  If you prefer a NZ based company you can order a micro-sim adapter here ($20, so around 3 times the price).

Black and White Version: Great improvements with the iPhone 4, Stevo.  But not a revolution, an upgrade. (and yes I will get one)

Update: Here is a useful round up from the guys at Iphonewzealand

Update 2: Thanks to Anton for spotting my 1st image was a fake.  New image uploaded.

Update 3: More on the whole iPhone 4 vs iOS4 on a new post here

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