It appears the well publicised iPad wifi issue means that my iPad won’t connect to any AirNZ koru lounge wifi hot-spots.

Let me know if you have an iPad and it works for you, but I have tried it in more than half a dozen different lounges in NZ in the last week and none of them worked.  They all worked on my iPhone and MacBook air.

I tried all the advice Apple gives on the iPad – wifi issue found here, but none of them work for me.  Lucky I have the 3G I guess and can use mobile data still.

Luckily this is not an issue for me at home or work, and both all the wifi connection there work well (and they are a mix of N and G speed).

Anyway, waiting for the fix from Apple (soon me hopes).  I don’t think I want to wait for iOS4 (September/October 2010) for this one.

Black and White Version: iPad wifi still needs work.  Fix please Apple.

UPDATE 10/7/2010: It’s working (easy fix in settings).  Full details in this new post.

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