I blogged yesterday that I upgraded my iPhone 3Gs to iOS4.

While the OS itself is a nice wee upgrade (despite its issues), it does create some problems when it talks to other devices like my car stereo.  The web is awash with reports of iOS4 issues, and it appears for car stereos, the issues vary between not being able to play at all, through to being stuck on one song.

In my case, I can select songs from the stereo head unit, play-lists and artists all fine (so it sees the iPhone OK), but it constantly paused, no matter what I do.

Frustrating!  Oh, and this isn’t the 1st time Apple did something like this.  The 1st time was when they changed the pins they used to charge iPods/iPhones (technical info on pins etc here) so that old chargers didn’t work (including car stereo ones).  Lucky someone invented an adaptor!

Not sure if any future updates to iOS4 will fix this, or if any adapter will either.  Might have to revert to using Aux in via 3.5mm plug for now.

Black and White Version: We warned, iOS4 may break iPhone/iPod inks to your car stereo.

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