In an announcement via Twitter today, Telecom announced that MIcro-SIms for XT are on the way.

This is quite interesting news (exciting even, but I think saying that may make me sound geeky). Not only does this mean in New Zealand we won’t have to cut our sim cards in bits to get one to fit into an iPad, BUT Telecom beat Vodafone to the party with the announcement AND as I have already blogged about, XT are actually a FAR superior network to run the iPad on (far more so than even the iPhone – and that’s saying something, coz everyone has reported that already!)

In case anyone reading this is going WTF?, the Apple iPad (only) uses micro-sim cards (far smaller than the standard sim) for the 3G version and it wasn’t certain that anyone in NZ would offer them until now – so this is GOOD news.  Micro-sims are explained more in my earlier post on this.

Black and White version: XT may still be like the Ferrari that keeps breaking down (you know: ultimately better, but kinda quirky) but their 3G frequencies and micro-sim means they are getting the jump on Vodafone for the iPad.

HatTip: (a great site for NZ based iPhone related stuff).

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