I have seen a few of these now on-line, through blogs, and it’s quite interesting to compare the different approach.

Interestingly a lot have gone away from shock tactic road safety ads of the past, but NZ still seams to use it in all the ads I can find on-line

The new NZ non-shocking ad for don’t use a mobile while driving isn’t on-line yet – once I can find it I will link to it (its simple, but non-shocking).

New Zealand Ads

The old style ad (used up until last year, and still in use on the drink driving message)

Australia’s anti-ginga dont use a mobile while driving ad

and this one (same topic)

and a seatbelt ad

and my fav .. the asian one (well it starts as that!)

UK’s Wear a seatbelt ad (powerful!)

Black and White Version: Appears most road safety ads are creative these days – not sure if they work though (does any advertising of this type?)

Hat-tip: Kiwiblog and CairnsBlog.net

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