I have to take my hat off to AirNZ.

I have blogged about it several times, they do such cool stuff such as:

The list goes on!

Anyway, today I went to book for the Save100 airfare to OZ (which basically just takes $100 off whatever deal you can get).  I managed to get a flight to from Christchurch to Auckland, stay a day, fly onto Melbourne and back to Christchurch for under $500 including taxes.

Anyway .. the web site wouldn’t play ball, and as we know, Airlines like to charge extra to talk to a person, so I called the 0800, and spoke to a person and explained my issue.  They checked with the internet team (a few minutes) and then said “OK .. no prob, I can do the booking for you and we wont charge you the booking fee.”  Now it MIGHT seam common sense to do this, but I trust me when I say that common sense is NOT that common!

Well done AirNZ.  I like you even more now!

To be fair AirNZ are not perfect.  They screw up even. But the key thing is when they do they try to put it right (at least 99% of the time in my experience).

Black and White: AirNZ Rocks! 

PS: Check out the AirNZ points fairy if you haven’t already.

PPS: My part 2 and part 3 of reviewing Airlines (long haul) is coming soon!  Airline service Part 1 is here

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