Don’t get me wrong – I am actually quite a greenie at heart.  And it’s actually because of that I get annoyed with initiatives proporting  to be “green initiatives” that are just people wanting a bit of free publicity, without understanding ANYTHING about how over consumption is effecting the planet.

The article today in the Christchurch press Lights Switched off around NZ is a case and point:

Matahana Tikao celebrated her 11th birthday with friends on Saturday night, making the most of the candlelight hour to set up a puppet show with an Earth Hour theme.

“It was really quite cool, because we had lots of candles,” she said

The reporter might have actually done some RESEARCH here and pointed out that most candles are made from parafin – which is OIL based. Where as around 70% of all electricity in NZ is made from renewable resources.  I love the lots of candles touch – that really made it!

And then this :

The Palms Shopping Centre in Shirley marked Earth Hour with a free drive-in movie.

Marketing manager Tracy Thompson said the idea was to get hundreds of people watching one screen rather than hundreds sitting at home watching many TV screens.

Nice – well done.  Hundreds of people DRIVE THEIR CARS to watch something they can watch at home WITHOUT DRIVING THEIR CAR. I think the word shortsighted is just a tad underdone for this idea (dopey would be closer to it!).

If I can find this info, how come the reporters can’t?   Well actual even their own paper can, with the same edition reporting Electric Cars May Increase Emissions.   This article at least researches the electricity generation data, although I don’t agree with everything it says, at least there was research for this story.

And yes, I do get part of this is about symbolism (you know, turning it off, thinking about it .. ra ra ), but any symbolic action should be in a way that itself doesn’t add to the problem.  And the media should play their part by education people about this.

Black and White Version: Green initiatives should at the very least BE green themselves.  Education is clearly still needed.

PS: Go on, disagree with me, dare ya! :-)

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