I was recently asked where I got all the cool images for my blog.

I come from the method acting school of learning.  You know, total immersion.  So for example the last post I made about Vodafone being busted (again) I needed a pic of a broken phone, so yes, I smashed my iPhone, and took a pic of it.  I make these kind of sacrifices every day for this blog.  Believe me?  Don’t.

If you prefer to hear the truth, here it is: I use two main sources

  • Google (just click on images section from the std Google page).  The trick is knowing what to type in the search box though!
  • iStockPhoto – these images need to be paid for (a buck or two for most images), but are worth it.  I especially like using them in my conference presentations, coz the images are SUPER professional and you can find almost ANYTHING you want.  They also have audio files, videos, cartoons etc, you name it.  The thumbnail image in this post is from istock.
  • I also have a number of images I have as stock images that I place text over – like the one on the right.

Now that you know, you are sworn to secrecy OK?   You can tell them about the method acting thing though – people like that kinda urban myth.

Black and White Version: I steel stuff from other people. I find cool sources of stuff and use them for public good.

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