Yep, Telecom’s NZ flagship* mobile network XT is down AGAIN (yeah that should read again, again).  And has been since 4.30pm today.

This is getting serious.

I have blogged about the trust issue before, and indeed XT in general quite a lot (I actually LIKE it, I think it ROCKS actually, but only when it works).

I am sure a few people at Telecom (Chorus, Telecom Wholesale, Gen-i, everyone) is getting REAL frustrated by this, but the major issue is long term reputation dammage that will take YEARS to rebuild.

In hindsight maybe they shouldn’t have rebranded QUITE yet :-)

Black and White Version: Telecom are very close to a MAJOR PR nightmare here.

* I accidentally typep flagshit not flagship in the 1st line of this post and didn’t pick it up until I had posted this.  Oooops (honest – it was a genuine typo).  Anyway, it has been suggested to me that that term was actually more appropriate :-)

UPDATE 5.50pm: It’s back again. For now

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