Just got an email from Gen-i CE Chris Quin that outlined the compensation for affected XT customers.

I can now confirm the full details of Gen-i’s goodwill gesture. This will be separated into two tiers.

  • Clients whose service was degraded: Two weeks’ worth of base plan charges, including Telecom extras, such as texting or data packages
  • Clients whose service was severely impacted for up to three days between Wednesday 27 January and 10pm Friday 29 January: Four weeks’ worth of base plan charges, including Telecom extras, such as texting or data packages.

Our XT users in the affected areas will have the credits applied automatically to their accounts and do not need to take any action.  They will receive their credit on their next month’s billing.

In addition, to recognise the particular disruption caused in the lower South Island by the outage, Telecom will be working closely with community leaders and local councils to donate more than $250,000 to community projects across the lower South Island.

I see here that the two/four week offer is double what non Gen-i customers get. My initial reaction is this sound very fair.  I am sure some will ask for more, and I hope Telecom are open to this, in GENUINE cases (not just where people say “I need my phone).  As I have blogged earlier, people can help themselves in cases like this by getting a $2 sim card from 2 Degrees, putting it in their XT phone, and then setting up all calls divert to the new number (the great thing about all 3 mobile companies using sim cards now!).

I await with interest the outcome of the investigation.  I wonder if heads will roll, or contracts will be cancelled?

Black and White Version: I think Telecom got the compensation right here.

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