Like many people in New Zealand, I happen to know a few people that work for Telecom.  In fact I did some checking and found I know people that work in EVERY major structural division of Telecom.

Now we know what the CE of Telecom, Dr Paul Reynolds, thinks we even know he’s not resigning.  But what do the grass roots staff think?  You know, the people who we know, who we interact with, maybe even socialise with, and have to deal with the day to day stress of it, without actually having the power to change much.

Since I am no journalist, I don’t get to ask Dr Reynolds questions, in fact I didn’t even ask my friends question, I just let them rant.   So, no names (to protect their jobs), but here is their good honest feedback about the whole XT thing.  Warning, graphic honest language follows.

CONTEXT: Conversations (off record) with me about the XT failure.  These are NOT quotes to me as a customer.

Gen-i Worker 1 in Auckland (Gen-i is part of Telecom retail, for Corp customers): “Oh for fucks sake, I am sick of this.  We are trying.  If you don’t like it “fuck off”.  (They must have gone to the same training school as the ones in Manilla)

Gen-i Worker #2 in Christchurch: Yesterday was shit, everyone is so stressed.

Chorus Worker (they do the infrastructure): No it’s not our network, it’s a retail product. There is not enough planning going into things like this.

Telecom Wholesale: I’m just glad it has nothing to do with my job.  Oh, and fuck off.

Vodafone Call Centre Worker: lol.  Did you want to swap back?

There you have it, the REAL quotes from the REAL people.  Just remember that when you phone the call centre or even see them in person.  They are people, who work 40 hours a week (more like 60 at present if you have anything to do with XT) and are far more stressed about it than 99.9% of users.   So when the 100th person complains “my b/f didn’t get my text to dump him on time”, it’s understandable that that Manilla training may show through!

Black and White Version: Telecom staff are more stressed and upset about this that most users.  Or .. more bluntly – FUCK OFF! (said nicely though).

PS: If you happen to be one of the people I quoted my advice is DON’T reply to this post or comment on it :-)

PPS: This is said all in humour, if you don’t get that then … ummmm .. FUCK OFF (said in that Telecom call centre kinda way, you know, with love).

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