Today the NZ Herald has the Headline Will Telecom Survive?

That’s easy:  YES.  Regardless of the XT issues, the “f&*% you” texts, it will.  The later being nothing at all (the quote,  ‘f*** you” scandal’ was one staff member (or maybe two) saying something highly inappropriate.  No scandal.

Anyway .. back to this headline.  The answer is easy.  YES.  End of story.  The story the Herald runs actually isn’t much about the headline anyway, its more a history lesson, almost unrelated.  It fails to answer the question posed by the headline.  Even if the whole XT network collapsed Telecom would survive, even if their broadband business died it would.  It might kill it’s share price, it might drain it of a bunch of cash, but it would survive.  While the XT issue is going to hit it’s customer base it will FAR from kill it.

Black and White Version: Yes, Telecom will survive.

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