Yep, today (2nd Feb) is international hug a gay day.

UPDATE: My 2011 post on hug a gay is here (but this post has more info, so read it 1st, along with my unwritten rules guide on how to hug a gay).

Initially I though there was some controversy about the day – yes, DRAMA! No, no, not in THAT way.  But because some sites refer to it as the 2nd Annual Hug A Gay Day, and some as the 3rd Annual Hug a Gay Day.  This would have caused some issues, but my investigative skills triumphed (well more like I actually read the dates on web pages) and discovered all the “2nd Annual” pages were from 2009.  So I can official announce that it’s the THIRD ANNUAL HUG A GAY DAY.  Phew, controversy over on that one!  (Oh, I better future proof this post  – if you are reading this in 2011, it’s the forth).

The event even has its own face book page (mind you, I guess that’s not saying much, since over 2.5 million people are FaceBook fans of the “I Hate Getting Texts That Only Say “k” page.)

Anyway, I am not sure of the protocol on this one (no one sent me the gay manual), but I figure it’s less about gay people giving each other a hug (since they do that all the time anyway – you know, being all liberal and all), but more about the NON gay-folk hugging the GAY-Folk.  So, there it is.  If you are not gay, prove it .. go hug a gay.  If you are gay .. ummm .. well, keep being gay and go help the non gay-folk out and break the ice by inviting a hug.  If this results in the occasional straight-straight hug (coz some guy or girl looked gay and wasn’t) then that’s OK, but try to keep those to a minimum OK – focus people!

Disclaimer: If you follow my advice above, and get beaten up coz you didn’t pick the right place to try it, don’t blame me!

Black and White Version: Hug a gay, we know you want to.

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