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I thought EVERYONE knew how to hang toilet paper, but a quick google search reveals apparently not.

So, I thought I’d share something I found on the web YEARS ago, that keeps occupying status updates up on people’s FaceBook posts every 6 mths or so.

Often the short version of just the 1st image is shown, but this (IMHO) is just the what do to and doesn’t answer the more philosophically important important of  why we should do it, which is really what all the other images are about.

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Black and White Version: There is a right way to hang toilet paper, and it’s the OVERHANG way (ie the end of the paper on the outside over the top, not underneath against the wall).

Hat Tip: Images all come from Chris Regen’s Current Configuration Blog, and the full story of how to hang toilet paper can be found there.  You can even download a pdf that you print and fold into a mini brochure.

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