As you will know I think some web site are crap (aka Hoyts cinemas).

But it still amazes me when modern businesses (BIG businesses, like Smiths City) have web pages out of the stone age.  OK, I exaggerate, they are probably out of the 90s, when the idea of Front Page ’97 and having a separate “email us” swirly gif was cutting edge.  And in case anyone is wondering, I don’t go looking for bad web pages, I go looking for stuff to buy and FIND bad web pages (I was looking for an LCD TV in this case).  But I can say I will be unlikely to buy anything from this company since I cant get any info on products online (that’s how I like to do my initial research).

The image on the left shows their products page.  Hmmm, I think your missing info, like ummm .. info on your PRODUCTS!

So I thought I would check out their store locater – since it was obviously a people focused store, with a philosophy of one on one personalised attention with great customer service, not a flashy web site.  Ummm .. WRONG AGAIN.  Their store info didn’t even have a map, or info on their hours, or .. well ANYTHING useful.  (Image on the right).

It’s REALLY not hard.  For a few grand a good site could be set up.  For an extra zero, and e-commerce site.  Even a pdf of your latest mailer might be a good idea (remember all those people with “no circulars” that might never see one?).    Oh I give up!

STOP PRESS: Wait, there may be hope! I saw “Wedding Register” at the top of the branch info – does this mean thay have online details of what people I know might want for a pressie for their wedding, or maybe I could upload what *I want* when I get married?  COOL!   So I click on the link and get … wait for it .. a bunch of text, with this at the bottom

To further discuss this with us, please call our Kitchenware Department on 03 983 3130 or email us at Smiths City Colombo St wedding register.

I would link to a page for you, but I can’t since their web site doesn’t even charge the url at the top so I can do it.  Yeah .. well … hmmm, par for the course.

Black and White Version: Some web sites are crap.  Some are even worse.  But they needn’t be, a basic site with good info (and SALES info) isn’t hard!

PS: I finally see what’s wrong – the site is (c) 2001-2007.  Looks like no one updated it for the last three years, although design wise I am thinking more like 15 :-)

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