I have have blogged many times, AirNZ does some pretty cool stuff.  The word innovation would be at the top of list for descriptors.

Anyway, as mentioned yesterday, they have been working on some cool ways of getting a more flat “bed” like seat in economy class.

And today – the announced it.  Watch the video here.

The biggest development is certainly in the economy class space where two people can buy three seats and get a lie down bed (sideways).  In effect people have done this themselves for years – if there is a spare row of 3 or 4, you put all the arm rests up and use it as a bed.  This is just taking that idea, making it more “official” and also a bed for two (even business class doesn’t do that!)

Anyway .. I give AirNZ an A-.  Not TOTALLY revolutionary (like my idea of bunks, or other peoples ideas of pods), but very innovative, especially for an airline that has 12 hour+ flights for most long haul stuff.

I think AirNZ will win customers from this – I know for one if I was going with someone I would buy the extra 3rd seat (apparently at half the normal price) so that I could sleep flat.

Black and White Version: AirNZ does it again – very innovative!

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