Looks like Stuff.co.nz is reporting today that the JBHiFi web site has been hacked, and diverting users to a page with a virus.

Stuff is a TAD slow on this – even a very small, but VERY cool, kiwi web site specalising on iPhones, spotted this a few days ago.

Oh, and looks like stuff forgot to mention “Oh, btw guys, our site had a virus last year, when we allowed an advertiser to  promote a “virus checker” that was actually a virus”.  OOOOOPS.  I am told they apologised (in rather small print) the next day. At least JBHiFi werent involved (ie they were the ones hacked).  Stuff.co.nz actually APPROVED the advertiser!

Back and White Version: Mainstream media are so light on themselves, tough on others (In my opinion of course!)

PS: Before anyone from stuff.co.nz threatens to sue me – all of teh above is my OPINION on what happened. So there (and besides if it’s true – you  screwed up!)

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