Some new predictions made 26 Nov 2009:

  1. Fully electric cars will NOT be in any large scale production in 2010 (despite what the car manufacturers say)
  2. The current reserve bank OCR rate (2.5%) in NZ until March 2010.
  3. Banks will put rates up BEFORE #2 happens
  4. Apple will launch a new tablet in 2009 (not early 2010).  It will be a “surprise” only in so much that they will announce it via a press release and not a a major event

Black and White Version: Some stuff will be late, some will be early.  But mostly late.

Note: This post was actually made on 25 Jan 2010, by cutting and pasting the actual predictions text (word for word) from my Predictions Page. I did that to tidy things up. :-)

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