AirNZ, in my view, is a pretty good airline.  While they don’t get everything right, their changes in the last few years in terms of service delivery (kiost check in, “space plus” seats, on demand entertainment on trans Tasman flights etc) is either leading edge, or at the very least caught AirNZ up to the best in the pack.

However, in this case they just screwed up.  Mike Pero (the guy made semi-famous as the mortgage guy, and former part owner of an airline) decided to co-ordinte a flight (on a non profit basis) for anyone who wanted to fly down to Erebus and back (for the record the flight wouldn’t land). Attacking someone who is organising something for the families of those who died in the Erebus tradgey is an STPUID tactic.  AirNZ should not comment on it, or if they do just say “We wish them luck, if people want to go on it then why not”.  Not only does AirNZ look petty (and indeed thoughtless) but their own offer of a flight to the ice for 5 individuals comes under greater scrutiny.  Is 5 enough?  Up until now I don’t think the quantum has been questions.  I think now it might. (To be fair, the five will be flying down, landing, and visiting the actual accident site.  There are no commercial flights to do this, so they will be using the US Airforce).

Remember sometimes the best PR tactic is to say nothing.

Black and white Version: Silly AirNZ, silly.

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