Ok, now this might sound trivial, but for anyone that likes good coffee you will know how important anything coffee related is.

So, lets get it out and up front: There is NO such thing as a large flat white!  If you make a flat white in a large cup it’s just turned into a latte.  So PLEASE stop refering to it as a large flat white

It’s just as bad as saying “An espresso with milk”.  An espresso is BY DEFINITION a black coffee.  If one adds milk it’s no longer an espresso.  One can refer to espresso when making another coffee (for example “A cappuccino is made by adding milk and milk froth to an espresso ….”.

Just to be clear, for those outside of Australiasia (flat whites are mainly found in NZ and Asutralia), here are the receipies for each:

It appears there s actually no universally agreed recipe for coffee types, although there are definitely agreed guidelines.  (as an aside, I think the wikpedia article is rather limited on coffee types and needs LOTS of work!)

Flat White: 2/3 coffee, 1/3 milk (or there abouts)

Latte: 1/3 coffee 2/3 milk (or there abouts)

So, when one puts a flat white in a large glass or cup and adds more milk to fill it up, it’s just turned into a latte.

White and Black Version: A “large flat white” is a latte, so coffee shops should take it off their menu, and people should not order one.  The end.

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