They say things happen in 3′s don’t they?

Well that certainly applied to me in the last few days.

A crazy truck driver, a lost iPhone, and me giving away a $4,000 camera coz I was distracted.

1) I visited Sydney recently as a part of a b-day trip for a good friend of mine (and an ex).  Anyway .. another mate offered to pick me up and the very short version is some idiot in a truck decided to rip the bumper off my mate’s car, and then abuse him and try to run him over.   Net effect: The quick pick up took 2 hours and several visits of the federal police (since it was an airport).

2) Arrived back to NZ, and on my domestic leg back to ChCh landed, and left my new iPhone 3Gs on the plane!   Lucky I had turned it on (right when they say “Welcome to Christchurch.  For your safety and comfort please remain seated until the aircraft has come to a complete stop and the captain have turned of the fasten seat belt sign.   You may now turn on your mobile phone if it within reach“) so when I discovered I had left it behind I called it a few times and a nice cabin crew member answered and returned it. (Ok I did have a wee moment of panic too!)

3) Collected luggage (same flight as (2) above) and proceeded to my car.  I had been on holiday for 5 days, so a few calls to catch up on so made one as I was loading the car, paid for the parking and drove to work.  Off to the gym later that day and decided it would be a good idea to move my laptop and camera into my office, rather than leave it in the car at the gym.  Camera bag?   What camera bag – it aint here!  AHHHHHH!   Yep, I had left it on the trolley at the airport.   2 hours later, a few panic moments,  I had my camera (a Nikon D90, with an 18-200 IS lens, btw) back, and it had been handed in to the police at the airport.   Called the guy who handed it back and thanked him and also offered a dozen beer (or whatever) but he was just happy I had it back.

Moments like this give (or in some cases help restore) one’s faith in human nature.

I think (2) and (3) were caused by a combination of holiday mode, and 4 hours sleep.  Maybe I need more holidays AND more sleep next time.

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