I am one of “those people” with two cell phones.  Well I was …..

And before you ask, it was mainly due to the fact that in NZ the interconnect agreement (the amount telcos agree to pay each other for calls terminating on each others network) is so high that calls rates in NZ are a bit of a rip-off (except for “free minutes” on the same network). 

Anyway .. so for 3 years + now I have had an 021 (on voda) and an 027 (on Telecom).  Until recently the PHONE I had on voda was MUCH cooler and more useful (being a Nokia, then an iPhone), and the 027 was cheaper to use – but not a full on PDA/internet device.  I kept my 021 for roaming (texting only – I used a local sim card from each country I visit) and 027 for most of my calls (since I get a real good rate on it).

Now I have TWO iPhones – one 3Gs on XT (Telecom) and an older 2G model on Voda.   I checked my voda bill and it was $90 last month. Sure I get a bunch of free voda-voda minutes, some data (100 meg) etc .. but finally decided to pull the plug and have ONE main phone.  So the 3Gs it is .. and it’s on XT.   Sure I will have to pay more to call an 021 (no free minutes) but my calling plan is only 27c a minute, so thats a whole lot (300+) of minutes before it’s even even.

So I called Voda, and asked them to put my 021 on pre-pay.  Means I can text anyone back who texts me saying “Swapped phones” in the next few mths – and then eventually check if once a mth or so for random texts.  BUT only one phone.

I dont think I will miss the 2nd one.   I know I don’t miss Voda.

White and Black Version: Is Telecom FINALLY cooler than Voda?    I think at least XT is.

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