I have been away in OZ for the last 4 days.   I hightly recommended booking a trip to the Gold Coast (or anywhere sunny and warm) from NZ mid winter, even if it is for only a few days.  Sunshine does WONDERS for the system, and flights are VERY cheap these days if you have some flexibility with when you go.

That does remind me, I will soon do a comparison on AirNZ and Qantas on international flights, lounges, airpoints schemes etc.  For those that know me well, I travel A LOT (some times up to 8 flights a week – although most of this is domestic.   My record is actually 11 flights in 7 days – 2 of these international).

Some good news too: The iPhone 3Gs DOES work on roaming on XT (Telecom), in Australia at least, even if you do the wee hack found on this page.

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